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Become the best you can be!
Work with our certified team to achieve your fitness goals faster and easier.
A balanced and healthy eating plan has been proven to be the key component of any weight loss program.
It is just not about losing weight on the scale. It is about shedding body fat and gaining muscle. No more guessing, find out what works - and how it can work for you. Work with a Certified Nutritionist.
Positively Fit focuses on Toledo Personal Training with emphasis on overall complete body wellness, all in a relaxed and non- judgmental atmosphere. Our mission is to help our clients achieve superior health.
Others know the secret...
People who had tried EVERYTHING else have found success. See what people who were just like you have to say.
Individualized Programming
Your body is unique so is your nutritional and fitness requirements. We don’t guess ….we train according to your unique physiology. It is not a one- size- fits-all exercise program. Your eating plan should be determined by your unique body chemistry. A Hair Mineral Analysis by Jack Grogan C.N. of Nutri- Health is an accurate, scientifically valid screening tool to determine your metabolic function and balance.
Variety of Services
  • From fundamental fitness to athletes
  • Experts in the special health and exercise needs of women over 40
  • Precise and complete assessments and measurements to monitor and adjust your personalized training program. You are guaranteed a trainer with the experience necessary to get you where you want or need to be.
Your health and fitness is too important for guesswork
Without measurement there is no true progress
We utilize Rjl’s cutting edge BIA system to accurately measure body composition. This technology will accurately monitor your progress. Body composition provides a powerful window into the effectiveness of your lifestyle and exercise program. You will see exactly how much progress you have made….and want to keep going!
Located in the heart of Maumee, Ohio, we’re just minutes from Perrysburg Sylvania, Holland, and Toledo. Plus,you get easy access to personal training with sessions scheduled around you- and the complete body workout is done in as little as 30 minutes!
“Even though I have lost more than 70 pounds, my doctor is more impressed with the fact that I have gone from 35% body fat to 23%. My doctor is also pleased with the improvement in my overall body strength.”
Ray Y. says
“I have only lost 4lbs on the scale, but I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6/8! I have put on muscle which has helped me improved my Triathlon times by minutes! I now place top 4 in all the triathlons I participate in!”
Cristy S. says
I just had my physical for my new life insurance policy and I qualified for a premium discount! This is all due to my blood pressure being lowered and my resting heart rate improving through my exercise sessions at Positively Fit!”
Cindy L. says
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