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  • Attention: Women Over 35

    Attention: Women Over 35

    Myth— “Long distance cardio is the best way to lose fat” Truth— Steady-state cardio over 30 minutes increases cortisol in your system by 125%. You will increase body fat, NOT lose, after 30 minutes. Excess cortisol contributes to the storage of excess body fat. Remember…..This information is for women over 35! High Intensity Interval Training

  • Chocolate Fat Bombs

    We love fat bombs!  Great for snacks!  Eating fat helps teach your body to burn fat for energy. Fat bombs are delicious little morsels which are fabulous for a very low carb diet. If you have been trying to follow a fat-burning ketogenic diet and have been struggling with getting enough healthy fat in each

Toledo Personal Trainer

How do I find a personal trainer?

Everyone can benefit from a certified personal trainer, but not everyone knows where to find personal trainers with a reputation for providing consistently positive results. Positively Fit is your one stop shop for the Toledo personal trainer that can give you the discipline and the expertise to get you into top physical and mental condition. We have trainers with different styles of teaching, so you are sure to find a fitness trainer who is to your liking.  Maryellen Grogan owner and trainer at Positively Fit is one the country’s top 50 certified personal trainers.

At Positively Fit, we only hire fitness experts who take their personal trainer career seriously. Imagine never having to worry about where to find personal trainers again – we have them all under one roof. Whether you are looking for a cardio workout or you are trying to get into weightlifting, our dedicated fitness experts will be right beside you to guide you safely into the body that you want.

Proper Nutrition

The first aspect of your life that must change in order for your body and mind to better themselves is your diet. After all, you are literally what you eat. At Positively Fit, we work with some of the top nutritionists in the world to provide you with the absolute best dietary plans and supplements on the market today.

Our leading nutritionist, Jack Grogan, CN, is decorated by his industry and trusted by fitness professionals across the world. Our nutritional programs come directly from his guidance, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a true diet plan, not a fly-by-night water weight solution that will only reverse itself in a few weeks. Changing your eating habits will give your body the proper fuel that it needs to maximize itself during workouts. You will also feel much better during your day-to-day functions, improving your productivity in work and in social activities.

Your Free Consultation

Everyone’s body is different. The program that works for your neighbor or your friend may not necessarily work for you. This is why we begin every exercise program at Positively Fit with a consultation. This consultation will serve to tell us where your health is currently and what we need to do in order to get you to your goals. Our comprehensive methods will identify your trouble spots so that we can best inform you of the ways that you can improve your day-to-day health. With the help of our personal trainers, you will learn first-hand how to increase your power, stamina and attitude throughout your workouts.

How do I find a personal trainer in:
- Toledo, Ohio
- Perrysburg, Ohio
- Sylvania, Ohio
- Maumee, Ohio

Positively Fit is centrally located at 108 E. Dudley Rd in Maumee, Ohio, minutes from Toledo Ohio, Slyvania Ohio, and Perrysburg Ohio.  The quality of our personal trainers is top-notch and you will have access to all of your nutritional and fitness needs.

Our Specialty is You 

There are so many misconceptions about fitness, diet and exercise that the general public has taken as law. We make it our duty to ensure that you only receive the best advice and the best training in the world. Here are some examples of the types of programs that we have that no one else in our industry even thinks of.

Programs Especially For You
At Positively Fit, we understand that being in the gym next to an insanely fit gym rat can be quite disconcerting. We have programs that are specific towards certain fitness levels. You will never feel out of place in our gym. We have special classes for women over 35, senior citizens and other groups that require special needs.

Your Toledo Personal Trainer
The dedicated certified personal trainer team at Positively Fit is ready to help you achieve the body and mental conditioning that you have always wanted. If you’re trying to find a fitness trainer with a full dedication to a personal trainer career, then you have come to the right place.

Cities That We Serve
- Toledo, Ohio
- Perrysburg, Ohio
- Sylvania, Ohio
- Maumee ,Ohio